Audrey, Sebastian, and Abby Ann tackle smoking, stealing and hashtags.

00:00:24 Open

00:01:11 Alexa Is Laughing At Us

00:03:34 Smoking Orangutan

00:05:35 Florida Hates DST

00:09:04 The Oscars Were On Sunday

00:11:46 #HashtagEverything

00:13:15 International Women’s Day

00:16:01 Our Friend Conner

00:20:02 Airplane Barf

00:21:08 Abby Ann Tells a Joke

00:22:01 Back To The Barfing

00:25:51 Little Debbie Caper

00:29:38 Stealing Confessions

00:32:21 Our Friend Kaylee

00:35:23 Our Friend Olivia

00:39:32 Amelia Earhart’s Bones

00:40:50 Our Personal Hashtags

00:41:51 Close

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